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I’m just wondering...

I’m just wondering...

Am I the only one with a always sparkling polished bike... and a car with dust and mud and spiders all over the place?


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In my case it is the other way around. I wash the car every 6mo. if it's lucky. The bike gets wiped down almost every time I ride. LOL

So it’s exactly the same at your place Val!!! LOL

Absolutely not!
I went 4WDing in my ute about 2 months ago and it still has the same dirt on it.

The black color will shine until it get dirty. Good shot

Bikes clean .... car dirty !

Hildr clean, truck not so clean...

My car is way more dirty...and black as well !... our driveway is only 2 cars wide - bike gets one side, wife's car gets the other - my car gets delegated sideways at the bottom (kicked out of it's spot for the summer) That's why I'm building a garage in the fall - oh, and guess what gets to park in there for the winter?

My 18 year old bike gets bugs cleaned off after every ride - then it stays in the garage, with my wife’s car. My 1 year old car gets washed once every 2 - 3 weeks, then gets parked outside on the driveway!

So, yeah, Gert... that’s a normal situation for bikers!

Gert my car is so neglected that I've just purchased a battery tender for it as I'm tired of having to replace the battery.

Last 12mths car did 6k kms. Bikes between them both I've done about 30k kms.

I used to be so fastidious with my car and while its in great shape for a 17yrs old car I just can't be bothered with it..

The only car I wash is my 1957 Oldsmobile. The rest just set in dirt. The bikes get a bath once or twice a month. They get parked in the shop every night.

Used to keep the truck cleaned up all the time, but as time goes by, not so much anymore. Even the bikes aren't so spotless like when I first got them. Work gets in the way.

My car is dirty too Gert.. I think it`s time to buy a new clean one... Who have to energy to wash it? Not me...

No Gert its not just you, my bike gleams all the time whereas my car spends 3 out of 4weeks looking like a skip lorry! Biggrin

Me too

Ok its confirmed we hate cars nowadays. Except when its pissing down rain of course and then it gets a wash. LOL

Most of the time during riding season, my car sits in it's parking spot. Unless it's raining or I have to buy a lot of groceries.

I had to wash the Jeep. It had turned green from the pollen. Now it doesn't matter. Its been raining like hell ever since I washed it.
By the way, I hate Spiders.

Capt, Itsy Bitsy Spider..... You know the rest.. LOL.

I keep both the bikes and car clean but I have noticed that a lot of cars that have been cleaned, the mag wheels are not clean. (Must be too hard for some).

So true Terry, ours were the same way until I brought a Brush Hero ( , same with spoked wheels on the Bird and Rebel, now it is a breeze to clean them.

So, Randy, those really work as well as advertised ?

Yes, one of the best $35 purchases I made. It makes cleaning in between the spokes so much easier and faster. Works slick in the narrow slots on my wifes Subaru rims. If you go back aways in my videos, I did one cleaning the Rebel showing the Brush Hero in action.

. Peter, This is the video

Thanks Randy ... have seen them advertised over here on shopping channels . Always sceptical about overly effusive product claims. Real life user feedback is always better !

Same here Peter, this one is legit for me. Glad I went for it. I usually don't on most of the ads / marketing stuff unless I research more into it.

Here's one that I use on my C50T Peter. Works excellent.

Thanks Terry

I like the Brush Hero in that it brushes the gunk out and rinses all at the same time. Terry's idea would be handy in the real detail nooks and crannies when going for the ultimate show and shine.

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