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I’m no mechanic but feel something is not rite

I’m no mechanic but feel something is not rite

I do believe there is too much chain slack here. Parked at work


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There are some people that should not have a motorcycle.

That's not so good

Wow. That's about ready to fall off. Like Edwin says, some people shouldnot have a motorcycle.

judging from what I have learned about the shops in your area I can say perhaps he just came from the shop and did not specifically tell them to tighten the belt after putting on his new tire

That is a no brainer tighten it up. The sprocket is worn out also. This bike needs the drive sprocket driven sprocket and chain. When the chain is that bad the rest is bad. You just have to be smarter than the bike.
This is what happens when the chain breaks. It locks the back sprocket up and down goes the rider and bike and more than likely in heavy traffic.

Any one notice where the charging wires are? Ready to get caught in the chain looks to me..

I saw that too, Wayne. This is a case of ride it until it drops. How do they not here the chain beat and wrap on the guards, frame and so on. I bet lunch this is the tip of the ice burg of what's wrong with the bike.

Yup, I noticed all those things Wayne.

Maybe I need to leave a note on the bike warning the person of potential problems and they he/she could be coming through the emergency room at work.

As long as the top of the chain is tight......What?

At one time 4 of my bikes were shaft drive. I then bought a 250 chain drive. Looked at a few times and thought I should adjust it.....well I did eventually....after it fell off about 500 metres from home.

I would say, there is a risk that can go wrong... same as happened with your titlle, am I (W)rite or am I (W)rong?! LOL

Accident waiting to happen ... no doubt about that !

Not good...sure is an accident waiting to happen

Some one keeps riding that thing and they will be preforming a "rite" over them.

That is funny Todd, that is like saying the tyre is only flat on the bottom!!!
What I don't get is how the rider doesn't notice the issue, you can generally hear a loose chain particularly that loose. I can only imagine with a chain that loose only a few teeth are in contact when under way, as the wheel turns the centrifugal force pulls the chain away from the cog, very scary!

WTF ya Doin' ? That chain would be whipping around like a Bit of Liquorice ..... Please Adjust it ASAP !!!
I wouldn't like to be following you down the highway - that thing could end up around someones neck ..... OUCH!
Ride Safe ... (PLEASE) ...

That bike owner is slack. Smiley-wink

... just like the chain Terry ;0))

If I see the bike again at work I'll have to leave a note on it warning him/her about the chain and potential accident waiting to happen.

I hope that person takes the note as good advice from a friend.

One of the bikes at work has the same saddlebags as I do. I noticed he has white lenses and one is broken. I left him a note saying he could have my old red lenses as I have ordered a new set to replace the broken wiring of the one. Can't order just the light bulb socket part, but have to ordered the whole lense kit. Oh well. He will be taking me up on the offer. Maybe I'll end up with another riding buddy.

I think any advice from a fellow rider is generally taken in the right way.

I recall recently driving along one of our parkways when I noticed two bikes zipping in and out of traffic accelerating quickly and than reducing speed to the speed limits, just having fun I guess. They eventually came past me and I noticed they were on provisional driver plated ( within 12 months of passing their driving test), young fellas. One pulled in front of me and I noticed the rear tyre having very low pressure, I estimate less than 10 lbs, and with the way they were riding this was fraught with danger. I ended up next to the rider and thought I would gesture to the rider that there was an issue and as you can imagine that sort of gesturing can make you look a bit weird, but he did look around his bike to try and work out what I was on about. Long story short, I pulled over and he then came up next to me as I called him across, I explained I was a rider and suggested that he check his tyre pressure. I asked him if he felt that the bike was handling poorly and he did agree "but I had to keep up with my mate" was his response,

Yes Dub, maybe your intervention saved his bacon that day. We all need to pass it forward.

Good call guys on both bikes. It really does not take much to possibly save a guy life. I have found that most will listen and take heed. I know they don't want to get hurt.

Bloody Nora!!!!!!

Looks almost like the belt on your Judge Phil........but your belt has road rash from hanging so low. Lol.

It better not have road rash. It’s only done 150ks since the last service!!!!!

I only rode chain driven bikes as a teenager. Even then I would have known that a loose looking chain like that was a sign of impending trouble.

It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. But then, I've taken service calls at Goddard Space Center, Greenbelt MD. All bets off.

Goddard needed a river boat captain?

No. This was back in my Xerox copier days.

I just wonder why he has his foot peg electrified.......

Al looks like a SAE connector for a tyre pump or similar, very sloppy bike ownership. He should be flogged.

Maybe not flogged. But shunned.

Excommunicated from the Fraternity of Motorcyclists !

Maybe he is a first time motorcycle owner who is not mechanically minded? And how did you get 5hat puc o& my bike????

I knew it was you Al. Smiley-wink

Did you notice I kept the chrome shocks clean? You have to have priorities. Lol. The chain won’t jump off in the garage.

Personally I think he should be shot at dawn. We wouldn’t want THAT breeding!!!

Phil, you defiantly have a way with words. LOL

Well we don't have to shoot. them. Just have them "fixed".

PHIL, you notice Val said a way with words......not a very good one but a way none the less.....

Albert. Have you been told today??? No???? Consider yourself TOLD!!!!!

Hey Albert, I don't worry about being considered I was TOLD as I use the I'm deaf excuse. About 1/2 the time it really is true.

Phil....I must have missed it. I’ve been out of the office a bit....

Yeah....I use the deaf bit. Inreckon more than half the time it’s true too. I had a medical for a job a number of years ago where they told me I had hearing loss. Not sure if they said 6% or 60%.....

I think he needs a longer bike , that would fix it , what do you think Al ?

Lowie ... you old hound dog ... where have you been hiding!? Great to hear from you !

I agree lowie.
Welcome home mate.


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