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I am a friend of Scruffy

I am a friend of Scruffy

I was wondering what patch to put on my vest in the center.  I mean they all point to a Harley Eagle Symbol...or Easy Rider.  But now I know.  I am a part of the "Rat Pack".  I recieved this patch full of color and big, along with a gernade Bell key ring to ward off the evil and intrapping them in the bell and released when full creating pot holes.  A I recieved a four page letter.  That is very thoughtfull, and yes its going on the vest.  I have a feeling we're gona do some riding together.  Thank you scruffy.




You've scored a great patch Drew.

Drew. I have the honour of being a rat too. I will bring my vest to California. It is worn with pride.

Welcome to the Rat Pack Smiley-laughing

I too am a Rat Pack member. Welcome.

The Rat Pack rules! Thanks again, Wayne.Proud to have met Big Daddy.

yes Drew, we are looking forward to meeting you if possible when we come down to California this April when Phil gets here.

Not a rat but one cool patch. Congrats !

Cool! Welcome to the pack!

Nice patch, for sure

We'll see you soon. I'm heading to Randy's on the 18th. We may be down a little earlier than I thought.

It depends on whether we take the long scenic way down or the quick boring route down leaving the 19th.

Sounds good. Looking forward to it.

Well done. I too have one. That Wayne must have stolen 1000 of these. Sorry Scruffy, glas to be a recipient. Thnanks again.

Are your fingers pissed again Al?????????

A new Rat Pack member, welcome to the group. Well done Wayne....

Another Rat Pack member - Welcome Wayne.

Don't have room on my vest but bell is on bike and RF is framed and hanging in the man cave.

I love mine & have it in a frame with silver backing so it stand's out

Yes Phil...that's why I'm cans.

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