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I cant resist a pretty face

I cant resist a pretty face

#8 Yamaha XV1600 Road Star


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Nice clean lines.

So that's what Tralor's bike looks like without all the bling....
Nice cruiser.

That's a beauty See you very soon..

Nice looking cruiser

Sweet ride!

So you and Trailor riding together Steve. Nice ride. Looks in top condition.

Nice ride Steve.

Checked it out today. Bloody nice.

Steve ... what’s the story behind this bike?

Gotta admit, I'm still a big fan of chrome....looks nice!

Nice Steve.

Looks like a very comfortable bike and the pic shows a bike in top condition!

Took it for a decent ride yesterday, rides nice. As soon as I finish all my chores at home I'll show it a bit more love.
Pete, I'll tell you later.

Steve.... don't break it. ONLY 16 days. See ya soon..

I have had a fiddle with it. Yamaha do some things in quirky ways.

Sounds good too Steve.

I too am in the market for my 3rd bike. Looking to upgrade the Rebel. Want something in the 650-750cc range, less than 550 lbs. At this moment looking at a 1992 Honda Magnma 750 cc for $2000. New battery, tires, 20,000 miles

The Magna's are supposed to be a great bike, V4 engine. I have a 1983 VF750 custom but it is not running yet. A bit of a project on the backburner.

Betsy's V Star fits in that range. Having stood next to you. Pegs on the front forks is the only way your going to be comfortable. Its a little cramped for me.

Looks very clean Steve. Just saw a beautiful VTX1800 on bike sales only has 5500km on the clock and he's asking14k for it. Way too much but looks like new.

How much were they when new?

That has been there for ages, for good reason, twin headlight?

There’s also one with only 1,800kms ... he’s asking $14K for that

Neither in my price range.

Looks like a single headlight.

I'll bet his wife told him to sell the bike. Ok dear........
I don't mind if the price creeps up on VTX's. Adds value to the 1 I'll be selling in December.

Prices for these types of cruiser do seem to be holding there value well. What would you replace it with ain't much new worth considering in the cruiser segment

It seems the Japanese are moving away from the cruiser market altogether with offerings of less than 1000cc from Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki. Suzuki are still selling the Boulevard 109, which has had no tech or design input for many years unless you count blacking out everything as more chrome!!!
So it seems that if you are after a well looked after cruiser with lotsa chrome in the future you may need deep pockets for something old....pity the same can't be said about the riders!!!

Couldn't agree more Dub. HD and Indian don't really inspire me. I'll be hanging onto the Vulcan for sometime. Maybe I should be buying parts for it while they are still readily available.

I have 2 x VTX1800's. I will keep ol faithful and sell the one I bought for Wayne to ride for WH10. It has all the usual AussieSteve mods and more. This one is under 29,000 klms.

If I could of kept the 1300C instead of traded it I would of. Unfortunately, it was to much for Betsy to handle.

Yep, agreed, the Japanese are going off the boil where cruisers are concerned ... half hearted commitment. I have no faith in Polaris Industries being committed to Indian. Polaris is not a manufacturer of motorcycles; Polaris is a manufacturer of “automotive leisure vehicles” with one product line being motorcycles. If that product line doesn’t turn a profit on a consistent basis, they will drop Indian just as easily as they dropped Victory. And that leaves dear old struggling Harley Davidson. Their sales are slumping for a few reasons but primarily because of the ageing demographic that is into HDs (moi!) and the general global slump in motorcycle sales. Their price point and Mr Trump’s trade wars with everyone aren’t helping either! HD is trying to diversify their product line with their 500cc and 750cc entry level small cruisers, the Livewire electric bike and their forthcoming Pan America dual sport ... but is it enough to keep them out of the red!? Not sure, but I for one will continue to support the brand. At some point I’ll be selling my Fat Bob and my BMW S1000XR and consolidate into one HD Bagger.

What NO Indian for you.. Hope to see you soon 10 days

Maybe no Indian for me......
Spotted a new 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic and it said buy me.
Which bike to sell. The Boulevard or the Scout?

Terry ... wouldn't the Vulcan Classic and the Bouly give you the same type of ride?

Tezza what number MLC are we at

Spratty....I was cutting back....but am looking around fir MLC #38.......

Teza. Nice choice.

Peter, yes. Boulevard for wild hogs and long trips. It is set up for carrying camping gear etc.
Vulcan for all other day rides.
Scout is great for city and suburb riding but not for country or out of city roads.
Suspension has been a major problem with the scouts.

Spratty, it would be 3 but one has to go.

Al, you have an obsession. Smiley-wink

I don’t know what you mean.....I think Aussie Steve has a mild obsession....he’s got more bikes parked where ever he hides them than Western’s has in the showroom even with the extra Royal Enfields.....

I'm glad to hear that.. I get a choice then on what to ride.We are getting packed so ready or not here we come. Just a few more days..Maybe if Steve doesn't have what I like I'll head over to your place Al. Hope to see all you guys soon..

Gunna be a hoot...can't wait

And maybe if you dont like mine you can walk...... just joking...
When do you leave for LA?

NOV 14th. then wait for a few hrs for Qantas and off we go.. Not enough time to do anything in LA but too much time for just setting around at the terminal.. I plan to have a great time with you all. See you in a few days.

18 sleeps for Wild Hogs.
Sleepy smiley face

Steve/Wayne ... guesstimate of when Wayne and Kathy will make it to Canberra ??

Were coming so see you soon Peter..

Wayne, On the lower level there's a park bench at LAX. It's the best place to watch people out there drive. Its a hoot!

Capt: I am sure I'll find it as we have 4 hr wait. I have cousins in LA ( Long Beach) but no time to go see them.


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