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I Got One Too!!!!


Hey Val.. Not to close to Voodoo please. Lol

LOL I would think you Canadians would want to stick close to each other for support. Smiley-laughing

Nice Valerie. Way to go Larry

Don't worry Larry, your upwind of me. LOL.

Pross is getting around.

Pross is a grey's like the girl you don't take home to Mom and Dad.

You're running out of space Val! Nice one Larry!

Awe the more the merrier....

Drew.....are you saying Pross is a bit doubtfull?

Need a bigger vest Val. Running out of room here.

What makes that patch look good is the one under it.

Capt, I hope you're referring to the patch.......

Yes that patch under the Pross patch looks pretty nice,

I thought he was getting personal.....

No I'm taking about the patch. Your mind in the gutter once more.

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