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I have Friends now

I have Friends now

Thanks for da patch!  



Get the F777 outta here!!!!!!!!!! You've got friends?????? Well I'll be!!!!!

Your welcome. Glad you got it

Phil, you'd have more if you quite telling everyone to F&&& off. LOL

Well that's not going to happen is it???????

You r probably right

But no one listens to him Randy ... we are all still here !!

so in other words you just let what he says go in one ear and out of the other.. I can short cut that my just not turning on my hearing aides.

Good thinking Randy! Reminds me of that scene in Wild Hogs ... the town sheriff with one good ear and one bad ear!

Both of you can F&&& off!!!!!!!

Phil you need to come up with a different phrase, this one is loosing it's affect.

No I don't. People are quite clear with my intent when they hear such a soliloquy.

It has no punch Phil. Now if my daughter hears me spout off that word, she knows there is something serious going on and everyone better clear the area if they know what is good for them. OR I have seriously injured myself.

It doesn't need punch. It is a simple go get fucked type of variation to "I'm not interested". Simples really!!!!!!!

Very nice patch I-m so happy

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