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I Think The Smile Says It All

I Think The Smile Says It All



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Hey Tezza ... there’s a leprechaun hiding in there !!

Hey paleface....

Is this what is meant by a chrome dome?

Ha ha. All of you found me.

No Hidin' here Terry - OK .... Smiley-laughing
Cheers -
Ride Safe ...
frostbite ....

1901? That’s not your year is it Terry? LOL

Looks all nice and clean and polished!!! Could be a photo contest subject pic! Smiley-wink

Seems you missed a spot.. Very clean by the way..

Sometimes it feels like it Gert.
A good idea for a photo challenge Gert.
Let's see some photos from members of their bikes with their reflection somewhere.

There is always 1 ugly spot on a bike! Smiley-laughing

We are waiting to see yours Steve. Smiley-laughing

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