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I wish you all a great season,,,,stay safe

I wish you all a great season,,,,stay safe

new handle bar,,,,new place for beer,,,,new season,,,,the paradise




Enjoy Mike, it sure looks like one of the paradises we have on our globe...

Place and weather look great. I looked at you profile vid. How do you turn with your arms up like that?

Thanks Mike. Have a good one yourself.

I'm totally confused about the "new season" Just received the new Cycle Gear advertisement in the mail. Down in the bottom left of the cover it says END OF SEASON BLOWOUT, 20% off 2018 O'Neal gear. Who the heck is this O'Neal person? Where does he/she live that it is the end of the season? What a wuss. My season never ends.
I'm glad your season is starting and may it be really long this summer.

ahahahaha,,,,,enjoy your new end season,triumphin,,,,,,,,,,,,,I have long arm,Valerie,,,,monkey arm,,,,,ahahahaha no problem with turn,its easy for me,,,nice to read you Bill and Gert,,,,,,yes the paradis is on our globe,,,SFFS

Lets see BEER , FOOD and FRIENDS what more is there OH YA BIKES. Ride safe..

Good looking picture. I like the way you think

Thank's for your comment ,,,its very appreciate

Hi that place in QC? Being from Southern ON we have get up into either cottage country toward Ottawa or Algonquin to see these kind of places !

Enjoy your riding season Mike. Cool looking bikes.

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