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I'm Stumped

I'm Stumped

This one has me baffled. Christmas day on the way to my daughters to open presents with my grandchildren that little black cap directly over my trip counter decided to pop off the indicator needle. I'd like to findaway to get back behind the glass and put it back where it belongs. rather than buying a new spedomiter. I looked at my mechanics manual but that only covers the wiring for the speedomiter.
(yes my grandchildren got everything they wanted for chirstmas they were that good...atleast with me any


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Found this, may be of some help I hope!

yea it might have been if I owned a honda dirt thanks though.
The one for the 1998 Suzuki Intruder 1400 is more like a brushed steel can what looks like a rubber O-ring down about an inch from the top. on these older bikes that should have come up with a design that would let you twist the top off in the event something like this happened.

Usually you have to carefully bend the lip of the bezel up to open one. It can be done but its real easy to screw up. That said, I'd check with these folks. I've got family in Greensboro and Charlotte.

I wouldn't know how, but I hope you can manage it... Glad you had a nice day with your grandchildren...

Just as Edwin says. I did it on my son's fat bob it's touchy but take your time and peal the lip back

I looked at a parts list for your Intruder only the speed-o is sold. No parts to repair it. I have done as Edwins said It took me about three hrs to get the trim pulled back far enough to remove the glass. I used a 3oz hammer to reinstall the trim. Very gently tapping on the trim so not to damage the glass or needle.

That would require some patience otherwise it will.end in tears...good luck with it.

the problem with that Edwin is there is no lip to bend it not like the honda. oh and thanks for the link but after reading there information i found they work on cars and trucks. or at least that what there information says.

Thanks Gert.

Thanks scruffy, I think from the sounds of thing it going to be a job or my new mechanic the next town over. I'd do it my self it it was a simple replacement or easier to get to. but from the sounds of things it's one of those time consuming jobs that going to take just enough time for the management people here in the complex where i live to walk up and tell me to take it to a

Hope you find a way to fix it and no need to buy a new one!
Glad you enjoyed four family ! Smiley-laughing

I found a vid on how to do it.You have to take the speedo off the bike . It is something I would do cause I have more time than $$ but for some it just is not worth the time so they just buy a new one

yea it's just sitting there in the bottom right now not go any place it bounces around a bit but I can ignore it for now. and I checked thing out before I posted this any way I can get a new one for under $100.00 over on J&P Cycles. hell my new mechanic might even have one kickin around the shop hes got a bunch o older bikes around the shop. including a harley with a blown motor.

its not bothering the needle right now so I'm not to worried about it. worst comes to worse I'll just order a new one.

As it's not affecting your speedometer, just leave it. It's only a cosmetic problem that you can see but others may not.

Yea terry that's the plan for now I think. my big fear is the plastic tab behind it also popping off and that the needle it self. I'll have to take it in in april to have a new tire put on the rear I'll have the shop take a look at it maybe there is something my mechanic can do.

Less miles too Edwin...

thanks edwin but that ones not even close to what mine looks like on the out side. my is in a brushed stainless steel container all the way down.the face is the same but that's about it. oh and please don't take this personally but ebay is the last place I would look for bike parts sure you get some good deal. but ebay tends to leave a bad taste in my mouth. kind like the taste I got in my mouth when I realized trump was out new president. I vomited for about three hours.

Bike salvage yard near you.
Bill's Cycle Salvage
Jacksonville, NC
(910) 347-1523

Thanks Edwin
I've already been to bill's he a short little guy. and more in to dirt riding than street bikes you walk in to his place and its dirt bikes and dirt bike parts every where. he don't even like talking about anything that's not dirt related. I was very disappointed. you would think that a bike salvage shop would carry more than just dirt bikes. but in his case you have to go with what sells the most.

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