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Indian head

Indian head

i just got back wiht my Indian head and incert. i still need a littel fab work to fit but i like the looks.



Own Photo: 




Did you do this yourself?

Yes: I have friend that has a plasma cutter with a program you just pick what like and bush the button. Ten minutes later all done. I designed up the picture and plate he put it in his computer, cool machine..

Wish I had 1!

Wow! Great job.

Nice job Wayne.

That’s realy fantastic! So you can make whatever you want...

Looking good Wayne.

Very nice.

Triumphin will not like this unless you give it some contrast. Too much chrome.

NO chrome on this Drew. One there are no out fits that chrome around here. Two the cost would be around $400. and have to wait 4-6 months. I'll have it mounted and powder coated in a couple weeks. Then on the bike. It just might be riding weather by then cause it is raining ice now.

Great mwork Wayne.

They look fantastic

Thanks guys I was just dinking around in the shop . I need something to do. I can't watch TV all day cause that sucks.

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