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Indian head installed

Indian head installed

I made it removable so I can change it to some thing else in the future now for powder coating..



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Gunna look great!

I hope so We'll see after the thing gets finished. This is what I do when I get board.

A masterpiece.

I make my own stuff cause I can't find any thing I like. So I just go to the shop and start dinking around. There is a little whiskey involved too.I have my spin the bottle rack in there.

Damn, don't know why you would want to change it. But that is good thinking. Great work Wayne

Looks great.

When you get it done, send a picture to the boys in Iowa. You never know.

Like Edwin says, let the Indian people know what they need to make and they might sign you up as an engineer

Edwin and Randy, they should

No..Then I would have to go to work. I don't think they would like my attitude about work. I do stuff when I want not when anyone else wants. This is the way I run my little shop if you need it quickly don't bring it to me. I have better things to do than work. What amazes me is I am busy repairing junk. Even Kathy does not know why people want me to repair their stuff. She say's I have a bad attitude..
I like just making stuff at my leisure and when I want a drink I get a drink (adult beverage) can't do that at a job site. Thanks guys

There is going to be some very jealous Indian owners in your part of the woods.

Looking forward to the finished product

I made the arrow the same color as the seat TAN.The inset ( middle) green like the body. I turned the head different colors by adding heat from my torch.Then cover it with clear coat.. I hope it turns out OK. If not I will get the Indian head coated cream,white, like the side covers.

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