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In The Interests Of Being Seen!

In The Interests Of Being Seen!

Photograph #4 is the new Narva H4 Plus 100 globe as seen by oncoming traffic!



Much Better

To be seen in traffic I added passing lamps for a couple years ago... It really works!

those are bright! know that their excuse will now be.... "You blinded me"..... SMIDSY (Sorry mate I didn't see you) syndrome will still exist. I read here some time back about guys riding with high beam on during the day. If everyone did it there would be no impact. Like the hi vis vests, when they came in you could pick them out in the crowd in Martin it's easier to pick out the guy in his suit...coz there are so many hi vis vests.
Hope it works for you. I normally change my beams but haven't done it on the C109R .

Im sure no one would mind if you didnt see Phil and just "clipped " him !

No Ken, I don't like to see anyone get clipped, friend or foe. I'm not sure karma exists but I don't want to find out either.

Me either Albert.............if I didnt mess with Phil , he may think I dont love him anymore !

Or any less?

Smart move! I did the same with my V Star, made a big difference! Passing lamps are a good idea too:)

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