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Isle of Man TT racing

Isle of Man TT racing

The need for speed, all on the very fine line of control and out of control.



136mph!! with curves!!! nope, I'll just stand by with the stretcher...

Valerie ... over the years many have died there or suffered terrible injuries. You have to be fearless or mad to race at the IOMTT.

I think the later Peter

It’s on my bucket list of things to see ... but a long way from Aus and expensive to get there ... so not going to happen any time soon !

it is definitely not for the faint of heart. Definitely different type of racing versus GP moto. Same speeds but not a really nice track to ride on.

Love this kind of riding myself....makes me feel alive in this dull life

There is a fine line between feeling alive and scared shitless and then maybe not alive anymore. As with anything, all in moderation, careful planning, practice, and execution.

IT is the Only place to get the Ultimate Adrenalin RUSH .... that IS why they do it ... any SANE person would ride the road within the posted speed limits ... fits the category of 'Extreme Sports' - MAD - JUST MAD !!!
Makes 'Ride Safe' take on a whole New Level ...
Cheers ....

To go to The Isle of Man TT is right up there on my bucket list.
Just watching it on TV has me sitting on the edge of my chair

Not quite my bucket list, might be if I had unlimited money. The only good way to watch the race is the professional camera coverage they do from the helicopters, drones, and trackside and put it all together. They go by so fast, a split second looking the way way and you missed them. Like the instant replay in sports, you get to see the fine action. Being there in person you might get to talk to a rider or a player, the ultimate word being might. Now to try to find some current coverage.

Not my thing
My bucket list is see Europe

And Australia

found some You tube coverage and a name Guy Martin. He has done a number of different things, speed record for wall of death, the TT, etc. He definitely can't ride 55 mph.

Guy Martin is a very interesting character ... eccentric comes to mind! An IOMTT movie was released a few years ago ... amazing camera work. Martin features in it quite a bit. Strongly recommend getting hold of the DVD if you have any interest in this sort of thing. I saw it in a theatre ... widescreen high definition with surround sound ... absolutely awesome

I'll be looking out for that one.

Most all racing spins my prop.. I have done some but not at the level. Speed is your friend, I really enjoy rolling around twisties at speed +. Dragging parts now and then is fun. This is why I ride by myself most the time. Guys get scared of the noise I create while rolling around on the blacktop.

This is on MY bucket list!
If anyone wants to share the costs I'm in!

Ironically, I just heard about the Man TT for the first time just six days ago. I need to check out the vids online.

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