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It So Good to Be Home.

It So Good to Be Home.

So good to see the forum up & running again.

I thought it was gone for good another victim of FACEBOOK




It's good but for how long?

Who knows? Let's just enjoy it as long as we can.

"It's good but for how long?"
I think that the question on alot of peoples lips, but also
If it was a technical glitch.
Who fixed it?

Another IT mystery. The answer to your question Matt is WTFK!

Could there be any contingency plan if the site were to go down again? I (like others) use this site as my go to - the people are great and the tech knowledge is priceless. I wouldn't even mind paying a yearly membership fee to keep it going if someone had the time to obtain the rights. I've been on other blogs which are merely cumbersome one liners and don't hold a candle to this one - which is miles ahead and better than all the other so-called forums (which btw also have pop up ads all over the place)

I'm happy to see it back up again!

I hear what your saying Gordo & one of the non factory Vulcan (VROC) sites use to charge a yearly fee (donation) to access their forum.

I wonder if there is a way to download all the photos and videos in 1 hit and save them for posterity.

Steve, anything is possible I guess....if you know how. That lets me out....

I don't want to lose touch with every one. Not after all these years. If any one wants PM me and I'll give you my e mail address and so on.

Sure is nice to see this site back up, and running. Even though we are in the dead of winter here, it’s great to see riding buddies from around the world posting their latest adventures.

Yep. It's here Len....but for how long is anyone's guess.

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