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It's Getting Close!

It's Getting Close!

For those of you may have missed this. lol.



Wish I could make it! I might send Vardy along as my delegate.

Thank You Edwin. I was going to post a reminder but this is far better than anything I could have come up with. See you there

I'm going to try and lead this ride. I get lost a lot so who know where we will end up

Getting lost is half the fun. See you guys there.

My ESTA (visa) has been approved ... travel insurance in place ... ticket booked ... ready and rearing to go

Well done Pete! Now dont play up!

You guys are going to have so much fun...but if there are no videos then it didn't happen !

There will be videos and pics. If I'm correct in the last count, we may be close to a dozen. Although one of those I have heard from on the site for sometime and was quite regular for a while, that is Drew. About the time he dropped off was just after all the fires they were having down there. I do know he was not directly affected house wise.

Made my reservations at Country Mountain Inn several weeks ago. Just four weeks to go and counting down.

We have our reservation. Looking forward to the trip, seeing everyone, and meeting to people

I made my reservation some time ago ... here’s hoping computer gremlins haven’t made it disappear !

What reservation Allen? I thought you 2 were just going to ride back and forth from your house.

Us as well Vardy
That would leave much time to visit, Randy. That would be about 8 hours round-trip

I can sense the excitement in you all and the anticipation of the ride and get together. It will be a blast, wish I could be there.

I'll be there! ...with my wife; she said she's excited to meet you folks after all I've told her ( she can't believe you're all really THAT bad...) !

She might be surprised, lol

Behave Allen. Don't scare 6th nice.lady

Allen, that is if you ride the speed limit.

I might can shave a little time off the 8, lol

The speed limit is a suggested speed. We will make up some time. I made my plans last year..I hope all is set. I'm going to call all the motels to make sure. Got three bike all up and running now .Vardy gets his choice of two. Got most the stuff packed all ready..

I'm going to call them also just to be safe. What's Peter's choices?

A nice two hour ride would be a lunch run up thru Lampe to Kimberling City then Branson West and Branson. Have lunch and then back thru Blue Eye and Berryville and back to Eureka Springs. About an hour each way and some nice roads along the way.
Unfortunately, due to my accident and Patt's surgery we won't be doing any riding and will have to drive down. Best laid plans yadda, yadda. Hell and high water. Press on regardless. Subject due to change without notice.

Edwin whether you ride or drive it will be really nice to meet you in person

Wayne is your nephew still planning on coming

I called the hotel and they have me Wayne Randy Edwin Allen and one other I didn't recognize

Good deal. Thanks Valerie

Thanks, Randy. I'm already thinking about next year. lol. Patt will be retiring and we might try making up a little lost time. Missouri is bordered by Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma so we have a few choices of destination. Just leisurely wandering down the two lanes is what I'm looking forward to. I have the idea of thoroughly exploring Missouri Route 66.
66 Trivia: Red's Giant Hamburgers in Springfield was the first drive-thru restaurant in the US.

Thanks Valerie ... I’ll check my emails and look fior my confirmation email.

Another possible ride.,+815...@36.7967577,-93.7705663,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x87cf62e1fbc5a0a5:0xa4bcab47ea945f2b!2m2!1d-93.28315!2d37.209521!1m5!1m1!1s0x87ced2c47f5539ad:0xbbbd94a8f21e71ba!2m2!1d-93.7282825!2d36.4078544
Pic's of the motel!1s0x87ced28f6f0f8897%3A0xfdd9cc...

Have a great time all. Ride safe.

I 'm going to have a great time riding around with Peter and sowing him the sites . Just hope I don't get us lost .. too many times. I have paper maps don't trust google map much.

Paper? Keep it dry. Lol

I can always use them for other things.. I have laminated ones too.

Good thing you have them. GPS did not work the last time we were in the Ozarks near Mansfield Missouri. It was an adventure.

And don't use it to wipe if you run into a situation Smiley-laughing

Just received an email from the Country Mountain Inn confirming my booking ...

Bikes all ready and fueled up just waiting. The temps here have been in the HI 85 ish+ and low 50's. Weather is going to be great. Next week I am calling all the palaces just to make sure. I even installed a radio,MP player, SD card, Just for tunes. It seems to work OK.. Just for you Peter.

Thanks Wayne ... that sweet sound of a V-twin rumble would have been sufficient music :0))

I agree. The Indian has a great sound.

Would be soo damned great to join you all, but I’ll have to see the pics, the vids and watch here about your stories!

Would be nice if you could but we will post a lot of stuff

Randy, I haven''t heard anything from Drew either. I hope all is OK with him.

I looked up his name and saw where he had been on the site about a week ago. I sent him a message to see if all is ok and whether he would be coming or not.

I sent him an email and no response yet.. Gert we will have lots of photo's and video's for you to watch. I got 4 cameras and 8 sd cards for the trip. I just hope I can keep the batteries charged.

Wayne do you have a power port on your bike? I have a usb adapter you can have. Then charge as you ride

What type of camera do you have. I got the little ones that fit a go pro type And I have a shit load of them you can use if you want

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