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January Photo Contest

This is my favorite stopping place, "The Pause that Refreshers." relax, think about life and the next ride, do the crosword
and the "princess Auto catalog"  or the bible as i call it.    what more do you want.

by the way it was the maids day off.


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Now, that's funny!

Definitely the pause that refreshes!

I am afraid that I would have to agree.
I have spent many hours over the last 55 years reflecting in places that bear a huge resemblance to that one.

That is very funny. I'm jealous I didn't think about that pic. Good thinking

You can take a big break, at least you've enough paper do stay for a week..... or two.....!!! LOL


The library, many an important decision was made there...

Lol. And there ain't even a ring. Good on you

And so say all of us .... transcends geography, culture and nationality ... a global phenomenon !!

True Pete, except ours swirls in the opposite direction and Aussie blokes could never deal with having the water that high unless there was a towel handy....

... absolutely agree with you on that last point Steve ...LOL

Stories I could tell you about dunnies/loos/toilets I have used around the world ..... GRUESOME!!!!

a very good spot for a break

Yes I take a break in a place like that, but must be a weird one as I never spend any time there. It is like being at a pit stop in a NASCAR race, In and out in seconds. There is no time for thinking.

Randy not stopping to smell the roses???? Don't you have to work??

And the seat is in its correct position

No Really. He's got plenty of paper to stay there for a long time. Just need a beer cooler with in reach !

I guess I'm not lucky enough to fall into the shit house and come out smelling like roses, that is why I don't stay there long.

I understand that Randy

I agree 100%. A place for relieving tension. Smiley-wink

A place to
Sit and Think
Shit and Stink

Make sure you use the Glen20 when you're finished cliffy. Smiley-laughing

The only way to remove those high pressure cells.

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