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The Johnny Blaze Project.

The Johnny Blaze Project.

This is what I'm trying to make in life size.



I've got the parts for the skull, a collection of plastic bottles and thermoform plastic, poly dye, and a fairly large assortment of flickering leds. Power will be supplied using a cigarette lighter plug. I picked up a pickup load of Styrofoam for $20. I also have the leather jacket, front torso mannequin and miscellaneous bits. Time to go to the lab. Igor, fetch me a brain..

your new pillion or garden ornament ??

Sidecar occupant. I rode it till I couldn't hold it up and said "Hell No, I ain't giving up!" I'm a cancer surviving , triple by-pass, kidney disease, hypo-thyroid diabetic with gout. Yeah, I can prove it and then some. ROTFLMAO. Who else would I ride with? The zombies are poor conversationalists. Got my 100 percent disability. The hearing judge just shook his head as to why I waited so long to apply. Because I'm a stubborn cuss.

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