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July 4th

July 4th

Nate, Scruffy & Peter across the back & Noof, the front man. LOL


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Would be really neat to potentially have Gert there to represent Holland, Marek to represent Sweden, Martines to represent Switzerland, etc. Some year MAYBE.


the selfie-stick man. Great pic!

Now that's a happy bunch of bikers if I may say so.

I agreed Ray!

Great shot Randy! Always nice to see happy bikers!

Yes.... Would be great Randy, but don't know if I ever can make it to go to US or Australia.... Great pic Randy (Noof).

Gert ... get on board ... take a few sleeping pills ... wake up as you are landing !! I did that once flying from Bangkok to Sydney ... but it wasn’t sleeping pills, it was alcohol LOL!!

Great photo of you bunch!

This pic went to favorites

The strange little group of OLD GUYs We can have FUN

Nate might take exception to that, Wayne.
He’s still a kid!

When you run with the BIG OLD DOGS you get whatever comes along.

Well Nate, I guess it’s official, You’re In!

GEt the bike together? You still resting from all the fun. I forgot to take pictures DANG

I did have a lot of fun, thanks for being part of it.
Yeah, got it back together this morning then rode out to The Pass (90 miles) to get some scones for Linda.

COOL. no wobble or anything bad. We did do a little mod job on the one. I am getting ready for Aug. See ya soon..

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