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July contest - fancy dress


Annie did you go some were as "beachy"

Aint she cute!

Looks like she is already for Octoberfest.

mmm Beer!!

Holy smokes! How can any of us compete with this??????????????
Lookin' good, Annie!

Don't let yankmup see this. He'll think it's a St Paulie Girl Beer and try to drink her.

Nice hair

I like!

I agree with Bob! The competition is over Annie has won game over next contest plz!!

Looking good Annie!

Nice Annie, one beer please....

Is that Annie ... or Heidi .... or even a Von Trapp perhaps!!

Looks Great Annie

Great pic Annie. How many Steins can you carry?

Annie, I had the same problem with my photo taking up most of the screen. I resized mine by 50% and re-inserted it.

OK that's hard to beat! yay

Thanks everyone, the photo was taken at my work Christmas function last year. It was an International theme, so I thought I would dress to reflect my German heritage Smiley-laughing

(Tezza I have managed 3 Steins in each hand in the past, well short of the 5-6 that the bier fräuleins carry at the Oktoberfest!!)

Looking good Annie

Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!

great getup all dressed up and ready to go

Yes it is all over maybe.

Two BIG beer miss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh... Isn´t it Munich Oktober Fest?????
In that case - sorry...
LOL this the new attire for the big beer hall shed at the new place?

Vonderbar Annie

How do you know what sort of bra it is Mark? lol

Looks like the realdeal Annie, got the urge to order BEER!!!
Nice pic!

I tell you what Al, if we ever have a rally here at Birdwood, ill be more than happy to serve the beers in the Bier hall shed!! Biggrin

Sounds good Annie. Let me know when that happens. Funny how 1 photo can get so many reactions and another gets none.

Save the rally time for 3 years so I can be sure to attend and see this picture in actuality. I'll even have to break tradition of having a beer since I don't drink beer any more.

Or any less, Randy?

Careful you don't get those braids caught in your spokes.

Gary. She doesn't wear this outfit on the bike! Smiley-wink

No Beachy does!!!!!!!

How did you know that Wayne? Smiley-wink

He saw you!!!

NICE pic Annie.

Thanks Tryker, and welcome to the community Smiley-laughing

Im sure thats one of the little numbers he purchased on that weekend in Sydney. X if you get my drift.!!

Annie you have stirred up a high level of interest. BTW Trish passed her learners course on Wednesday night. Taking her out for her first road ride this weekend. I'm still n the 650 as the Drifter is still at the repairers.

Lol Norman Smiley-laughing

That's great news re Trish getting her learners! I hope you both have a vey safe enjoyable ride on the weekend!

Hey! Congrats TRish. Well done.

Good on you trish enjoy your big day


A very nice photo Annie. Smiley-laughing

Thanks Steve Smiley-laughing

Maybe the missing beers makes this picture a bit bland, last time I was at the OcktoberFest the barmaids where a little more, how shall we say, bigger, wider but it could be the beers!

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