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Just about ready....

Just about ready....

Checked the tyres, brakes etc on the okd girl and gave her a quick clean. Just have to gas the Oldwing and check the tyres before we head out tomorrow.


Own Photo: 



Enjoy the ride. Keep safe.

Safe travels Al

Safe travels!!

Thanks guys.

Safe winds Al!

Have fun and be safe..

A whole trailer packed. Where are you going Al? Just a short ride around your little country? LOL

Safe travels

Gert...about 20 laps of yours. Lol.

Vardy, did I see you in the lower Blue mountains today?

Nope ... had a very quiet day at home ... too much Matsos Mango beer last night :0((

Dead set looked like you, riding a Suzuki adventure bike.

Enjoy Al.

Thanks all. Back home today after 9 days away.

Was it a nice ride All?

Yes Gert. It was a bit hot and I was sick the week we were away. I wasn’t coping cery well but we made it there and back ok. Still getting over my illness this week. Bike ran like a clock. Trailer was great.

Nothing serious in hope?

The doctor said I’ll live, Gert.

That’s good news Al! LOL

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