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Just after today’s morning ride.

Just after today’s morning ride.

Four of us set out at 8am for a short ride, coffee, chat and ride home. Got home about 10.45am and it was a little cooler than this.


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Good to catch up with Matt, Tezza and Paul. Tezza, PITS calked, they can’t was the seat need to pay for a replacement......

That is a little warm but better that cold and snow. You still can ride a bit. Glad you had a get together.. Stay cool ,,You need my A/C shirt..lasts 30-45 min in that heat.

Wow. That's just too hot. Keep cool guys.

Is that for real? 60 c? WHAT? I call it a day when it hits 30c man. I would be dead for sure at that temp.

Earlier today, in the Australia vs England cricket match in Sydney, the temperature at the centre of the field hit 55°C

Todd. That’s my bike in the drive.

Glad you guys got out, I had promised Trish brekky and we took the ute.
Al, what the hell does this mean? " PITS calked, they can’t was the seat down"

I’m glad you asked Steve ... I was too afraid to LOL !!

Pie in the Sky....Tezza damaged some seating with a wet

To much information .....

Stay hydrated!

That could be called "One Hell of a Ride". Smiley-laughing

I like it warm.. +30 is a great temp, but your heat would be WAY too much for this northerner!

I agree Len. This is just uncomfortable.

Nice catch up guys. Glad we got away early.

OMG d0es it honestly get that hot!!!!

Val, the official temp was 47.3C/117.4F.

Oh my God and I complain when it gets a hundred and five

Now I feel like a real wimp

It’s a bit much for me Val. Not nice to ride in.

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