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Just another cruise

Just another cruise

My babe and me sipping Island iced latte in 30 degree heat


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Funny pic, surely add this way! Not easy to see, but what I can see is you both had a good time!!! Smiley-laughing

Looks like you both are having fun.

definitely mystic on how you don't fall out of your chair and the latte not spilling out of the cups. jumping smileys

Looks like a carnival ride. Must be the centrifugal force keeping the latte in the cups.

I'm thinking you have the left-hand gravity turned way up...

Hi guys
Yes we had a great time
Looking forward to the next cruise
Haha guys I tried to spin the picture but it would not let me

Sorry guys got called back to work
Chat later

Looks like a scene from "the Titanic"! Smiley-laughing

Why do I get that sinking feeling? LOL.

We had a great time
The chairs are nailed down
And we are glued to the chair Lol

It was like a carnival on board
Me and the missus will be doing it again soon

Was a little bit choppy as on the way back to Sydney we had a cyclone behind us

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