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Just squeezing thru !

Just squeezing thru !

I watch the MotoGP because I am disbelief of the bike skills these riders posess ...with two laps to go on a fast corner this was the desperate move that won the race for Petrucci, say no more.
I thought it was a bit tight watching live but obviously there is plenty of room for a peg scraping cruiser to come thru ...LOL!!!




IMHO, the best race of the year! The last 3-4 laps were unbelievable. Top speed I saw recorded was 352kph (220mph).

Was one of the best MotoGP's I've ever watched. Tight all the way. Anyone of the first 9 were in with a chance. I was sorry for Jack Miller when he lost the bike. Tyres Tyres Tyres .

Those guys are amazing! I've gone out to the nearby Circuit of the Americas to watch...scary fast!

Moto GP, 4/18 photo Moto GP 4-18_zpscw0zobui.jpg

You cant get mush closer.

These guys have balls of steel!

They sure have but I think the riders in the Isle Of Man TT have bigger balls.

Totally agree with that comment, it takes a very brave rider to race in the Isle of Man TT, I read that another rider was lost yesterday.

That IS Sad News - But the IoM is NOT for the Feint Hearted, it is some of the Most Balls to the WALL Racing you will ever get to witness, whether there in person OR Watching it on the Big screen, it sends shivers down my spine even thinking of some of the footage from past races by Joey Dunlop - he had some memorable rides at the Iom ...

AND the MotoGP Racing last Sunday was Brilliant .... Jack Miller Really Should KNOW BETTER by Now as HE has Been there Long Enough to Realize that Races are Not Always WON by the Guys who were in the first one or two throughout the race ... A True Champion is the SMART RIDER Who can just Sit and Watch the Others tearing up their tyres while you are conserving yours a little ..... but Enough to Pounce in the last 2 or 3 laps and Then PLAY the The Tyre Conservation Card to the MAX and Grin at them as You Go By ....for the Black & White FLAG ....

Such a Pity for Jack, But he has No One to Blame but himself if he Stuffs up his future and his career ... He DOES have the Capability to WIN in the DRY and The Wet .... He just Needs to Use his Blood Infused Brain Cells a little more ... Outsmart the mongrels .... Tap into the Energy that the Australians are Pouring Out to him...

Go have a Damn Good Talk to Mick OR Casey or Mr G - He should still be around the paddock as his son is in the Moto 2 class ...

None the less, it was come Very fast and exciting racing at Muggello ... and I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the races this year ... and Hoping for Ducati for the Championship ....


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