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hi Polssken, are those good?



Look good to me. Are they made with veal or lamb?

By the way Uwe, That cooling vest you suggested is fantastic. Thanks!!!

Not unless they are beer flavoured. Smiley-wink

Be good Tezza, not everyone likes beer. Some of us like Champagne LOL

how can they not be good??...they got the Guter Geschmack label!!

You are doing Dry July Tezza!
Does saying "beer" get you in trouble?

Google Translate is having a few problems with some of those words!

Had the same problem Peter. I just read the picture It looks like the meat balls my Oma used to make. So I assume they are Swedish Meatballs.

That's as far as I got too Valerie ..... lol

We get loads of those mixes from European friends who come to visit. All those Knorr mixes are phenomenal.

You are so right Skeep. It's all good. Swedish Meatballs (Svenska Kottbullar)

Well Uwe.. Har to say.. Never had those "Knorr" ones... But Dana´s (wifey´s) ones... Are ...
Uhhhmmm... Yummie!

Anyway .. Swedish meatballs are like Volvo - very safe!!!

Swedish meatballs.... I hope they don't taste like the IKEA meatballs!

Few day's later now Uwe, how did they taste? Next time you've to visit somebody in Sweden. I did and Dana know's how to make the real ones, that's for sure!

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