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Located south of Lawrence, the Haskell-Baker Wetlands
So Miss Patt says to me "We need to gets the bikes ready and get back into riding. We need to be able to ride with the group not drive a car."
Happy wife, Happy life.



Nice one !! Now I need to fine mt Chesapeake Sunrise shots and post them.

Bets wont ride on the back. As you will find out in June She rides her own. Something about being the second dog in a dog sled team

Patt has her own. Bets is right. Depends on what the Doc's have to say if we make it in June.

Nice photo and great plan!

Very nice!

Beautiful shot - be glad your wife wants to ride! Unfortunately, my wife is 4' 11" and has no desire to get on anything bigger than a scooter. She HAS done some overnight rides with me though, and seems quite happy about it............ as long as I don't get too 'aggressive' in the curves....... (but after a scare last summer, maybe I'll cool it a bit on some of the curves any way)

Len, we just sold Coz’s 650 V Star due to some health issues. We’ve just been away for 9 days on the Oldwing with the camper. Heading to a CCC get together next week on the Valk.

It would be a tad expensive to of shipped the 650 to Canada any way. Bets is 5' 2" and has a 650 V Star. It fits her like it was custom built for her. Len, If you find one She might be willing to sit on one and try it. Its not a power house and a nice gentle bike. Just thought I put it out there.

Lovely photo Edwin.

Patt is 5'1" and has a Shadow 600. She has ridden my 1100 custom and 1100 classic with sidecar with no problem.

Betsy almost got a Shadow Aero. We discovered her feet are too small to reach the rear brake.

Great picture Edwin.. Just waiting for clear skys and sunshine.. Warmer temps not this 29 - 39 stuff.

great photo Edwin

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