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Karen & Vardy

Karen & Vardy

Next to the Murray River at Echuca in the state of Victoria. Pleasure rides on a mocked up paddle wheeler. We didn't go for a ride. A rain front was building and we had to scoot back to our accommodation in Swan Hill ... about 150 kms away.

Thanks for the photo Karen!




Vardy, if you went for a ride on the boat, you would've been on water, so rain from the sky might not hurt, lol. Good pic

Yeah Vardy!! Ya big chicken!! LOL.

Cluck cluck cluck !!


Hell of a party boat. 1 2 3 Drink, again.

it's ok as long as you don't have to do the paddling.

Hope everyone is home safe now.

Peter and Alan are !

... and it was a fabulous ride home ... roads less traveled ... part of the greater Hay Plains but roads with corners ... not much traffic until we got to the Hume Highway ... ominous black clouds in the distance but they never caught up to us ... temps in the mid to low 20s. Joy!!!

My goodness, so chilly with temps in the low 20s, I wouldn't be worry about clouds but ice on the road. LOL

OK so the Captain has to ask. Mocked up. It had a fake paddle wheel? I had the chance to run a real Paddlewheel.
That is a totally different beast.

Cap, the paddle wheels are visible (im blocking their view) and turn but I don't think it's the main source of motive power ... there was a lot of froth and bubble coming from under the stern when it came in to dock ... and it wasn't wake.

The boat is "Pride Of The Murray" Built in 1924 as a logging barge and converted to a paddle steamer. It runs diesel engines that power the paddle wheels.

There ya go Capt ... it is a real one, not a pretend one. Tks TWS.

Now that's cool !! The one I ran was 110' long and was pushed by a split stern paddle.

It sounds like someone may need to commandeer it and rescue Ben G. from his rain and flood advisory.

Yes Peter please don't get wet. Sugar melts and you are short enough

Valerie ... I'm not compared to Danny Devito because of my acting skills ... and thanks !!!

Vardy, we (the sma rt ones) stayed local. Lol. We are home too. Lots of strong winds from not far out of Albury almost all the way home. In a lot of places, we were doing 80kph in the 110kph zone coz it was just dangerous. Put the wets on just out of Marulan for about 80ks of rain. Great ride.

Good to hear Al .... was great to catch up. Our run home was perfect ... weather, temp, precipitation ... all good ... but I wore my wets all the way home just in case.

Great part of the country Peter. I was born on the Darling/Murray junction so the river is in my blood..

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