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Katoomba 2014 CCC Rally - Charity Certificate

Katoomba 2014 CCC Rally - Charity Certificate

Thanks to all the CC members who attended the rally and donated to such a worthy cause (National Breast Cancer Foundation).
This would have to be a record for any CC Rally held globally.



That's really great Tezza. Well done to you all! I think it's a very good cause you have chosen........ This touches me in a very positive way!!

Thanks Gert. It touches us the same way.

Great Tezza were to hold ???? the house of cruiser with his excellence Sir Uwe ???

Absolutely. I'm waiting for the official certificate then I will send to His Uweness.

That's great to see, we've all been touched by someone we know who has been affected with breast cancer, what a worthy charity.

What a bloody awesome effort by everyone involved. I could see the true spirit of all the cruisers with the way they embraced the charity and their donations. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside Smiley-laughing

Great effort everyone definitely a great charity to support.

Awesome job by all the attendees!
The charity auctions were very openly and enthusiastically embraced by everyone. Very proud to be associated with everyone.

Good to see Terry. Thanks for organising.

Hey, Beachy ...... "they" say that incontinence nappies are good insurance against the consequences of that fuzzy feeling!!

Peter as you are a "Few" years older than me, are you speaking from experience?

Never leave home without them!

That was a great effort . Well done to everyone involved, for a great cause.

Good job, great cause!

well done guys & girls. good effort

Thats what got caught in the chain on the cafe racer ???

Nice one Wayne. Could you imagine the mechanics report. Smiley-laughing

Great job supporting a great cause from all the CC mates down under.


Great effort for a great cause, awesome!

$1440?? That is bloody fantastic. Love your work. BCA will appreciate that donation. Well done Steve, Tezza, Al,and all who contributed. Now contact Uwe and let him know so he can put is up on the charity link.

Thanks Phil. I'm sending him the official certicate when I receive it.

Missed your ugly dial in Katoomba oh absent one as well as a few others from Melbourne and also Len.

Hope you and your family are all well over in Angaston and that something comes up for you in the near future. Hope to catch up sooner than later. If you feel that blood pressure rising because some little chubby bloke is hassling you because he does that to his mates be wise take 2 blue 1 red and swallow hard.
Take care Dr,!!!!!!

Thanks Buddah. We will survive well here. Work cannot be far away. I will do anything to generate enough money to go on my bike weekends!!

Maybe you should talk to Al or Beachy they have some contacts in the X and i believe they do "anything" so who knows lol

I would have to pay them!!!!!! defeats the purpose really!!!

Phil... that is how you make a small fortune....
Start with a large one...

It was an excellent effort from all that attended the rally, supported the fund raising by donating, and then in some cases buying the item back at auction. Oh, I think Ned Kelly was there to assist the fund raising too. lol

That's bloody awesome, guys, we'll find a special place for it at the CC headquarters

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