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Ken.... Did you sign me up for you Club?

Ken....  Did you sign me up for you Club?

Kentucky Colonel... What type of clout will this get me here in California? 
Did you sign me up Ken, or did they just do a google search for "todays most honorable men?" 
Clifton must surely have gotten one of these two Smiley-wink
How about the Aussies? 
What about Polsken way over there in frozen land... 
or the Chaps to the north?


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Does this involve Bourbon?

It involves chicken, lots of chicken...

No my friend..................I had nothing to do with this one !! Really !!

very funny

Chicken and bourbon!!!!

Kentucky Colonels are unwavering in devotion to faith, family, fellowman and country. Passionate about being compassionate. Proud, yet humble. Leaders who are not ashamed to follow. Gentle but strong in will and commitment. The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, as a Brotherhood, reaches out to care for our children, support those in need and preserve our rich heritage. Ehhhemmm ... really ?

That's great pkeo but do they have fried chicken and bourbon?

and does Kyle have to learn to cook chicken and distill bourbon?

Will he have to grow the mustache and goatee?



You didn't think Colonel Sanders was a military Colonel did you? He's a Kentucky Colonel...

Chicken Colonel????
Chicken military?

Cluck, cluck, cluck, CLUCK!!!!! Think he just laid an egg!

Ah come on Merrick. They have KFC in china for petes sake.

I want to see Kyle in a white suit with a goatee!

Thank you for "thinking " I had a hand in this Kyle .... under NORMAL situations , I can see where I might be to blame ! We need to find the " CULPRIT " and .............pat them on the back !! Good one !

LOL Good one

Love It! I should be Colonel Sanders for Halloween!!! Or maybe a soldier?
I would have bet a KEG of beer that Ken had something to do with this...
That being said, next Dragon Ride... Kyle will bring the KEG on ICE. What kind do you prefer Ken... Yingling?

Im good with anything...........bring something that goes good with "tying James in his room !...A nice Merlot perhaps !

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