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Kyle , Brook , Rick and Diane

Kyle , Brook , Rick and Diane

Chillin and grillin ??? Nope DRINKING !!!


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Hell Yeah!!!

I don't see Ron!!!

lol... I was taking a picture from another angle! ....and I was drinking!

Ok , I fixed it !!! No excuse but it was late when I put them up !!!

I see...

Great pic!

Nice one James

Thanks for the vid man, I'm about to perform my first oil chgane on my bike, and while I had a good idea how to do it, this answered a few questions for me. BTW, did you see or know that HD sells a relatively expensive, but very helpful oil catcher for stopping oil dripping out onto your frame and motor when pulling off the filter?? Yeah, it's $20 but it's less cleaning to have to worry about, and then you don't have to worry about getting waste oil down the storm drain and getting cited for it

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