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Lads first ride

Lads first ride

Finally installed the pillion seat and pegs i got for xmas !! Took the lad for quick spin around town....he loved it !! Looks like ill be keeping it a while longer !!



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Nice pic. Start him early. What a smile he has

Now you've done it! Gone and corrupted another youngin. You know he has already called dibs on your bike. I'm afraid you'll have to keep it till he's 16...

Great SMILES you two. That is good to hea,r you would be sad if you had to sell your Sportster..

Good to hear that you are hanging on to the Sporty ... great news!

Now that's a happy kid

I cant wait until my grandkids turn 16!

Oh Yeah ! Biggrin That`s the Way ! Nice Smile on ya both !

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