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Last day in Kauai

Last day in Kauai

... off to Honolulu tomorrow for a couple of days then home. I could get used to this convertible thing !!



Doing donuts on the lawn in the hire car?

The rear end maaaay have drifted a teeny weeny little bit !!! LOL

At least you weren't hill jumping.

Nothing like the feeling of wind thru ur hair !

Just need some hair!!

That looks nicer to ride around in than that Indian I had.. Just leave a little bit of rubber on the pavement.. Good to see your having a grand time..

Get on some bitumun Peter and drop the clutch. Smoke it.

.....and video it.

Terry ... that then becomes “evidence”

Yep. There will be no hair loss while you’re driving one Pete.

That’s right Al and the solar panel gets lots of opportunity to recharge ... !

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