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Last one.

Last one.

For now.


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I was happy to find the little Honda sign. Same model as my first bike (1963) except mine was two tone blue.

WOW You really have a collection

Thanks Val. eBay shopper. Lol

Great collection of old signs Al.

That's a real nice collection.

Thanks guys. Bill....all new from Mr eBay......

I would have them in the house where I could see them. I have them all over the bar and wall along with the model cars. ask STEVE. Nice signs any way.. Albert

My house is too small Wayne. Lol.

You just need a bigger shed.or more understanding wife. Like mine ???

She understands....that inside of the house is her domain....and I get the garage, the shed, the garden shed, the lean to....and any small remaining outdoor area....within reason. But she doesn't bitch and moan if I buy another bike or car.

YOU have her trained well big als sounds more and more like the one I have. I get my little space at the bar

Yeah...she lets me think I trained her....I know I'm in charge...when she's not home. Lol

I wonder how this being in charge will be after Kathy retires this spring. She will be home all day long,that may cramp my style a bit.

Make sure she knows your boundaries.....the ones she lets you have. Lol

I was told I did not need another bike.She caught me looking at the Indians and the new Venture from Yamaha. I just said we'll see. I just paid off her car doesn't that mean I get a new bike?? Indian dealer is having a fall sale this weekend. Guess where I am heading Saturday

Make sure you get back home before she does.

IF I get a Red one it will take her about 4-6weeks to figure it out. Then it will be too late to take it back. Think this is a good plan?

Yep. Make sure they are all the same colour. If she says "Is that a sports bike?" Answer "No dear, I made up these fairings and put them on my bike. It just makes it look shorter/lighter etc" Let me know if this works coz I've been too afraid to test the theory. Lol.

Wayne, After the demo ride. Make sure you leave the brochure in the shop instead of taking it in the house. Seeing advertising will spoil your plan.
Al, You have a point. Unwittingly I've become a house husband. After this, I'm off to the store. I always come back with a cheaper grocery then she.

Good thing Xero. More to spend on bike bits!

I'm good with the brochure in the shop. If I only have two bikes in the shop she will never know which is which. She already said I could only have two. I am being a good boy I Will only have two bikes.

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