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Last photo before being totally soaked

Last photo before being totally soaked

This was on hwy 28 just before the Dragon. Got 1/3 way in and then the heavens opened up. Crawled At 10-20 mph as could not see very well. That was for about an hour than it was a steady drizzle until dropped the bike off



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Glad y'all survived the weekend. What was wrong with the bike?

Trying to ride the Dragon in heavy rain ... not good. Glad you made it ok!

The voltage regulator went out thus not charging the battery. Good thing it was not the stator otherwise would have been delayed more it as they did not have one in stock

Vardy that was probably the scariest ride I have ever did. Was very uncomfortable doing it. If I would have had extra time I would have waited til weather cleared

Was nice that you got to finish the ride. By what i've heard the Dragon is bad enough in the dry let alone in fog and rain you guys are champions. Nice pic.

I think Randy was the only one to make the dragon. Bets and I headed north battling road spray and downpours. Betsy has developed total comfort riding in rain.

That’s just to mutch rain to enjoy a ride!!!
Randy, don’t you have another feeling, riding your bike knowing there is something not 100% oké with the bike? Where do you have to bring the bike to let it repaired when you arrive home because the Triumph dealer in your town isn’t there anymore isn’t it?

Gert, this was not my bike, the Bird, It was a rental Harley. When riding the Dragon, the voltage regulator had been repaired and it was running fine. The only other thing wrong with it was it had no shocks. Lighweight me was causing it to bottom out on medium bumps that my Bird wouldn't even have felt.

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