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Last Ride of The Season

Last Ride of The Season

We "might" have a few good days left, but the kind lady who lets me store my bike in her garage is leaving for a couple of weeks, and our forecast has some snow in it over the next 10 days, so today was IT. Actually had a pretty good riding season. Almost 15,000 km in a little over a year, including a couple of nice rides into the USA this summer. Hope all of you in the southern hemisphere have a wonderful season - stay safe!


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Nice shot. Great looking bike. This makes me want to go out and ride.

Thanks Len ... we'll give it our best shot !

Nice shot. Sorry to hear about the end of riding season for you

Sad day Len but glad you got plenty of km on the Valk. Those Valks make a great pic even greater.

Nice shot Len. I'm hoping for one last ride, before packing it in for the year.

Well Len, too bad we didn’t get out for that ride over the past few weeks.
I got the VTX stashed away last weekend.
It’s been a sad week

Next year, Randy! Get ready for the Ride For Dad in June...........

Love the color of your bike

Beautiful photo! Still kinda warm down this way...92˚F (33˚C) is the impending forecast.

Great photo mate but that is a sad title....

I rode my VTX for the first time since June on Friday. Saturday's rain caused my brothers and I to pass on riding together that day. I will go back to Nashville on November 3rd in hopes of riding with them in the Boswell Harley-Davidson Annual Toy Parade on November 4th. Another great photo Len, glad that you had a good riding season.

Sorry to hear you had to park it. Hope the pms doesn’t set in too soon

Thanks Paintcan, I will keep my chin up by riding my Goldwing at every opportunity in the meantime. Smiley-laughing

Paintcan, Will; keep posting photos of your extended riding season.... at least we can live vicariously through you..and dream about how we might ride some of YOUR roads next year

Plan on riding Saturday for a few hours. Hope to get some good pics to share. Forecast is around 70f for a high. Good enough for me. Maybe for a few minutes tomorrow after work but won’t be long, about a 25 min round trip

Pleasant riding this weekend Paintcan. I'm planning on doing the same.

Put a rain/snow proof cover on it til the lady gets back.

She's in a friends insulated garage with a tank full of conditioned fuel, fresh oil, a battery tender and a full cover

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