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Last Sundays Ride.

Last Sundays Ride.

It was a beautiful +23 C day. I went for a country ride.


Own Photo: 




Looking good there Bill !

Beautiful country it is!

WOW nice weather now Bill. Enjoy and get some miles up. Ride safe.

That is a great photo Bill!
I love the styling of your bike.

Nice shot, Bill. Your bike looks great!
Since last night we have been COVERED in heavy forest fire smoke. Looks like you have some nice blue skies.

Thanks Steve.

Thanks Len. I woke up this morning to that heavy forest fire smoke, so no riding till it clears up.

Bike looks great! Last photo. I remember was an encounter with a wall. Stay put. That fire smoke isn't good for you or the bike.

I remember that all to well CAPT. No worries, I won't ride in smoke.

So it is even spring in Canada at this moment Bill!!! That’s great news, enjoy your few months of great weather and enjoy as most rides as you can do!!!

Good looking steed all saddled up and ready to be ridden...enjoy the riding season Bill.

Can’t get much more country than that unless there was a horse there instead of the bike

Thanks guys.

Great pic of a cool bike and nice scenery.

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