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Latest part for my Fat Bob.

Latest part for my Fat Bob.

Right angle (83° to be precise) billet , anodized tyre (tire) valves. US$37, inclusive of US$4.16 postage. Bob getting booked in next week for tyres and installation of the valves. I REALLY hope they seal properly and work as intended as I am seriously well and truly over trying to manipulate gas station air hoses around axles and large disc brakes on Bob.


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That should come in handy

Fill the tyres full of rags. Stops punctures too.

You are so helpful Phil ... soooo helpful !

Thanks Vardy. Always pleased to help.

I hope they do Vardy I have right angle ones on the Nomad and its still a pain, don't even get me started on the Tiger. Good luck

Thanks Spratty. I could have bought some about Au$20 cheaper in Aus but these ones were the only ones among a multitude on the web where the seller specifically said they were suitable for my bike. Here's hoping !

Neeeet. didn't know they made such a thing

I found them on the VTX forum too
$29.99 for a package of 2. Free shipping in US

I had angle valves fitted on the back of my bikes for the same reason.

Can't wait to see if they work.
Front on Indian is in the perfect position the rear is pain in the rear.

Yes fitted one too my Front wheel, Now much better with the Air Hoses to do I-m so happy

Put them on the 1300 Peter best investment ever, especially with the hard bags on it was impossible.

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