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Latest project

Couldn't wait 5 weeks to have a custom excavator bucket built for our mini excavator, so I built one and a custom thumb in a week.



Now that's a DIY project!!!....great work Mitch

That’s a great job done Mitch!


Job well done Mitchell

Very nice, I'm sure you could easily sell it for a price and make another one.

I can see some Custom Project Bits coming up for the Silverado maybe ???

Nice work

Wow! That some handyman project ! Well done. Does it fit your bike ? LOL

Yeah wish I had the resources at home by like I do at work. My poor roady is back burner most of the time.... Want to build a custom tank and build my own handle bars, crash bar.... anyone know where to get kits to make your or control cables and brake lines?

If all fails then give these guys a go ... - They have just about everything in the way of cabling for bikes ...

That looks great if I bring my front loader bucket down will you weld a blade on? Then I won't have to do it. I could be riding instead. Nice work Mitchell. I have done the very same thing years ago on several pieces of equipment. Maybe they will let you use the shop on weekends and night. For cable and throttles try Speedway thy have some you make sets for hot rods and race cars.

Looked at VenHill cables looks like a good way to go. As far as your bucket goes I am too backed up....had to make time for this project. I wear to many hats being our lead equipment operator, paving Foreman and do everything guy. Wish I could help with your bucket but we can only moonlight on our own stuff. BTW how big is your bucket? Modern machinery in Missoula has got some good used parts, they don't have any caterpillar equipment though. Good people there.

It is just a old 580 C cab extenahoe CASE front loader bucket. It's the last of all the equipment I had back in the day. I have the cutting edge I just am tooo dang lazzzzy to air ark it off and fire up the old stick welder. I used for years on the service truck I had. Now I just use it to play with and help out friends and neighbors. You have a great week and don't wear your self out. You seem to have way too many hats. Been there done that too.

You too bud.

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