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Latest trip

Latest trip

We just had 9 days away on the Oldwing and the camper in Mornington, Victoria. Was surprised at the heat. That coupled with a stomach bug made it a little had to really enjoy the trip but we managed. Also managed to get a bit sunburnt on the arms due to riding 600ks without a jacket as it was just too hot. 


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Shame about the stomach bug, but I'm sure you two still had a good time.

Looks like home away from home. bug in the gut puts a damper on things. Hopefully it gets out of your system.

Nice setup, hope that bug in the gut has since disappeared.

Looks good Al!
I have been known to go to a OP shop, buy a pair of cheap tights and cut the legs off them to slide over my arms to keep the sun off.

Nice set up Al. Sorry to hear about the heat and stomach bug, but I hope your all better now. I like Steve's suggestion.

All good now except for the sunburn.

Al ... get a pair of tattoo sleeves ... will add to the hard arse biker vibe ... LOL!!

I’ve got a few sets of them already Pete.

Wearing them to Mildura?

Hadn’t thought about it really.

Hey Xero. We tow this camper with Valk too.

That's bad news about the bug Al. The hot weather has been crazy.

Yeah. The bug and the heat really knackered me.

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