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Leafless Trees

Leafless Trees

Pretty much all the trees here have changed colour, and most have lost the majority of their leaves (with the exception of my back yard, where my stupid trees are waiting for a REAL snowfall before dropping theirs!)




Pretty much like that here too.

At least your bike looks good

We're seeing a few falling leaves. Some change in colors, but still have a fair share of green leaves yet. Will be another 2-3 weeks before bare trees. Usually the 2nd to 3rd week of November before all my leaves have fallen and are raked up.

We are going the other way. New growth, roses in bloom, bikes getting more prevalent on the roads...and the battery in the Oldwing failed on Sunday...lucky I have the Valk. Lol.

The Valk is blooming , despite the fact it's the Fall!

Yeah Pete. Had stuff on today. Hopefully will be able to chase up a new battery for the Oldwing tomorrow as it needs to be on the road for our meeting with Dim and Adam in a few weeks.stuff happening every day except tomorrow so I have to extract the digit.

The perfect October calendar photo for your neck of the woods Len.

We’re near peak colors for leaves, had some really unseasonably warm weather lately, usually the trees are totally bare by now.

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