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LED's mounted

LED's mounted

Just a picture to show  the finished LED install



Own Photo: 




These are just brake lights and they are very bright.

Nice Wayne - I have my VN all LED's now including the headlight - Not overly impressed with the headlight - but I do very litle night riding - especially around here -extreme amount of Kangaroos & Wombats - both very Dangerous Critters - the Bouncy ones can leap up to 25ft between strides and the wombats are like furry dozers that just barge out of the scrub at up to 40kph (25mph) ...
Cheers- Ride Safe ...

Very neat Wayne, nice upgrade to the original and put together properly.....

Looks great Wayne.

They look Great Wayne!!

The only trick is to get them places the very first time. The sticky tape is very sticky no removing and doing over. You only get one try..

I can see that.

Are you riding this one to Arkansas?

Maybe, I like the big red Stratoliner for the longer trips but Vardy or my Nephew may ride the Indian. It will be there one way or another. This all depends which one Vardy wants to ride. He will be here the 18th of June. He will get to ride them both to decide which he likes best.

Ticket all booked ... and paid for !!

The 18th of June... it looks like a world wide CC meeting, because that’s about the moment Dennis (Lucky57) will visit me here in Holland!

Just keeps getting better and better.

They really look good

Vardy they will be ready for you. CC guys from all over the place. What a great time we will have.

Yes we will!!!!!

They should brighten up your butt

They are very bright I'll have to get some night pictures.

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