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Leg stretch

Leg stretch

A short pit stop to stretch our legs before we attack the twisties of the road to Falls Creek. Falls Creek is in the state of Victoria and is one of the premier ski resorts in Australia. At this time of the year it’s full of cyclists and hikers. In 3-4 months time ... if the snow comes ... it will be full of skiers. The last time I rode in these parts was in October 2016 during the final stages of my lap around Australia. The road to Falls Creek was closed due to rockslides and that river behind us was a raging torrent from the snow melt.



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Snow skiing rivers forests deserts big cities small country towns. Man other than the strange animals you have and the accent AU sounds a lot like the US

Some good looking bikes. I'm not snow skiing

Pretty close Valerie ... that’s why we love coming to the US

It looks nice. If there is mountains where the head waters are. I would not be surprised that creek loads up this very fast moving water.

Very nice rest spot. Looks fun.

RIDE SAFE ... ciao ...

You sum up the area I live in Peter. We finally get some snow in our mountains, was very late this year. The ski resort actually closed down for 2 weeks due to lack of snow.

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