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Len is here

Len is here

Meet up with Len Dirk this morning picking up his HD hire bike. Covered about 300km today, I think he had a good time I could see him grinning all the way



Nice picture. Glad you guys got to meet up and ride

Now for the good times.

Have a great time, hope you don't have to work while there.

About time one of you northerners came down under!! Welcome, Len. Hope you have an enjoyable time.

Welcome to the Land Down Under Len,
Good to hear you've met Dave & got a chance to experience riding in Australia.
Its a fantastic photo.

Say gidday from us!

Welcome Len I'm sure Dave will show you a good time!

So jealous and envious. One of these years. Thought I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel the other day but it just ended up being a train coming through. As Wayne says, shooting for 2019.

Welcome to Australia Len hope your time here is memorable. Ride safe and remember what side of the road your on. Your in good hands with Dave.

Thank you Dave, for an unforgettable two days of riding! Fantastic winding roads, spectacular scenery, a little bit of rain and wonderful hospitality from Dave, Roseanne and their family. I can’t think of enough superlatives to describe the weekend, but about 700 km of riding on some of the prettiest country you could hope to see - misty mountain roads, waterfalls, fertile valleys and the ride down to Byron Bay in NSW were only part of an experience I won’t soon forget. And thanks,also, to Dave’s friend, Mark, who rode with us on Saturday, making sure I didn’t lose anything out of saddlebags that liked to pop open on winding roads.

How wonderful Len. I’m really happy for you, you could make the trip to Australia. I’m sure Spratty and Roseanne give you a very good welcome and place to stay! Enjoy eachothers company and wonderful rides!!!

Len it was my pleasure and great to meet up with you. We sure did cover some K's, hope your not worn out for the weeks work ahead.

Your welcome here anytime Len I very much enjoyed your company on and off the bike

And if any others would like to sample some of the best riding roads on offer then give me a call. I'm more than happy to show off my back yard.

Len also I tried sending the pics of the weekend but 2 out of the 3 lots I sent have bounced back..

also just clocked over 80000kms on the Vulcan...woohoo

Well done mate, The VTX has 95000

keep em going, covered 840km this weekend

That’s great that you guys were able to meet up,awesome!

It's great to see some of this huge family of CC members getting together.

A meet up with Dirky? How awesome Spratty.

Yeah TG it was great to catch up and get to know him better.

Imagine if all us CC riders could get together a bit like our own Sturgis here in Oz, now that would be very cool

Wow! Too true mate!

OK !! Whoever gets that big Lotto win pays for airfares, bike hire and accommodation for a global CC get-together .

Peter, if I hit it, that's a deal

Yep ... me too!

Yup, me too.

Ive been saying for a while if I win thats what Id do.

I guess I'll buy a ticket. Then we all can get together.

I'm in. Need a good holiday.

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