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Let the Bling Begin

Let the Bling Begin

The 1100 V Star is getting the beginning of accessorising. Round 1 saw the installation of the National Cycles Dakota windshield with Brackets. Closely followed by the removal of the rear seat and installation of the Mustang Seats Studded Fender Bib and Show Chrome Fender Rack. Very soon will have some more being installed but just waiting for Australia Post .... AGAIN!


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Very nice. Love the new feature.

yeah its pretty cool but takes forever to find all the part numbers if you dont have them close by.

looks good mate i like old man shield thing lol

Looks very nice.

Load it up. Never enough accessories.

That's true Chris. The mind is willing but the pocket resists!

Thanks, Adrian, you should be able to find part numbers in your reviews

And so it begins ... bling will get to all eventually.

I haven't do e reviews on thes yet either. Guess I have some work to do.

Great looking ride man, and a good start on the dress up, looks great already !

Very nice looking ride!

Looking good beachy!


Keep up the good work.

yes beachy still heaps more bits to get she looks good

Looking very nice, you got a good start on her beachy.

Nice new feature Uwe...

Keep it going mate.

Very nice Adrian..............gonna look GREAT !

Looking good Beachy!

I like the colour choice on your bike. I am also envious that you have the new seat fitted. I ordered my new Corbin seat in Jan and am still, waiting for it. They are now quoting mid April. Mustang no longer make seats for my bike, nor do most others. The bike is looking good, keep the updates coming.

Hey Norman I put a Corbin seat on my bike last year and wasn't disappointed. Hope yours is just as comfy.

I have a Corbin on my Meanie and its great. It is much firmer than the new ones and I would assume over the past years they have improved and got more comfy. I hope you get it soon Norm

thats the stock seat for the Final Edition Norm. Im pretty happy with the comfort on that one so far

Gary, Wayne - Thanks guys. My bum cannot wait either. I am avoiding long rides until I get a new seat the original has lost all its support value for a frame my size.

Beachy. Noted. The studs on the seat threw me. I am not trying to suck up here, cause I do not have to, but I really like the colours of your bike. The only one I have seen so far that I like a lot more is this one: . Sorry but it is in a league of it's own.

Norm that is the "Final Edition" 1100 and probably the main reason I bought it. From what I see of that and the Silverado it is probably the closest to a siverado that we get here in Aus. We dont get them with the bags and shield but when you want your own style who cares. I dont think any of the other 1100 classics in Aust have the studded seat but I may be wrong there.
Thants a nice looking Star too Norm

nice start...............go go go..............never ending

Just ordered the new exhaust for my baby, can't wait to have it sounding like a real bike now

What exhaust did you end up ordering? you have discussed several options a while ago. How did you find the mounting on the windshield? I bought the NC 2210 and mount kit. I had troubles with their kit and had to buy other bolts (their allan key slots stripped) and I still have 1 side sliding a bit, cannot get it to fit properly even with taking it on and off a number of times to adjust.

I have the LA Choppers slip ons on their way
Is it the right kit for the bike? Are we talking v star or drifter. The VStar kit is NC-KIT-JG for the NC2302 Dakota shield
I just looked and the same kit for the drifter and the VStar. I know it was a bit tight with the rubber blocks in place but I used the larger bolts to line up and wind them in to get the smaller screws in first. I also have more clamp bolts than that kit does, 3 per side and then the shield bolts on with 2 each side

The LA's look good.

Yes I have the right kit for the Drifter straight from the NC site. I must have got a set that was not exact. Mine was very loose, tight would have been better and easier to adjust. I tried a similar approach for fitting as you with mine but even fully tightened the mount kit was not tight enough. I have used extra rubber shims to pad it out but still loose. My next attempt will be to remove again and try to bend the mounts so they come in tighter. It is not a big issue at present with the extra rubber shims but I doubt it will last, the LHS has already started to slip. A bit of trial and error and I'll get there.

You may recall on another discussion I was not very complimentary about the NC windshield, it was because of the mount set up.

I dont know if your kit was the same but the one I had gave us extra pads to put in there if fitting to Kawasaki, Maybe you needed an extra, extra bit of padding. I think I still have them some where here if you want I can sent them over if I find them

Hey Adrian the LA slip-ons look great..she gonna look and sound bad-ass....


I’ll keep my response brief, :0 .

Thanks for the offer. I had a similar idea when fitting mine, I used all their padding and some other similar rubber that I had in my garage. I think putting more would only have a detrimental effect as it would become too spongy and prone to slippage. One of the reasons I stripped the inside of the allen head bolts supplied with the kit was due to me trying to tighten the brackets more as they did not seem to be holding, thus I then had to go out and buy some decent ones that were stronger.

If my brackets fitted as well as yours obviously do then I probably would not have complained about the NC set up as much. To be frank I did not complain to them as I was the person who made the purchase and accepted that I may have made the wrong choice, my fault not theirs.

My other complaint about the NC2210 for my bike which appears not to apply to your bike configuration is that the connection between the brackets and the screen is by way of 4 [approximately 5 - 7 cm wide I think. I need to check this to confirm that actual spacer length but it is a lot wider than yours] spacer tubes [2 per side] with bolts running through to hold it all together. Watching your or should I say Annie’s video I note that the spacers for the V Star were only about 1 - 2 cm wide which appears far more stable than mine. I used my son to hold the windshield in place whilst I awkwardly tightened these up. It just seemed a bit “piece it together to make it fit” to me. The scourge of universal fitment kits for all things. OK I may have been a bit annoyed due to the mount brackets at that stage but, hey when on a roll keep going.

The other difference I noted from your [and Annie’s] video is that your windshield is one piece and as a result looks nicer than mine. When looking at the options I did not notice that the NC 2210 version, whilst being more expensive and supposedly using the top of their range quality 4.0mm Quantum™ Hardcoated Lexan® Polycarbonate material, was actually a 2 piece set up with the piece above the headlight being a softer adjustable section. This does not show up well looking at their website pictures but does become apparent when the photo is clicked on to enlarge. I did not do this at the time, again my error. Your, or should I say Annie’s, 1 piece Dakota Windshield looks far better than mine from what I can see in your video. I actually spent a lot of time comparing various brands, models, prices etc yet still did not pick up on all the nuances of the various windshields, which may not be obvious from my above comments.

On a positive it is on and other than the occasional need to pull one side back up [until I can sort out permanently] the windshield looks fine and works as expected.

Im really glad you didnt go into Detail Norm! Smiley-wink
I have the same screen on my 1100 and I also had one on my old 650 and I never had any of those problems. Its a bit of a shame really. I have the NC VStream on my 109 and aside from the fact I have it higher than recommended mounting location it works well but occasionally I also need to move the RHside back before it hits the headlight cowl.
Guess it is just one of those little annoyances

Noted. ( better? Smiley-wink )

Looking good!

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