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Lions Road to Kyogle

Lions Road to Kyogle

Rode the Lions Rd on Sunday has been closed for about 6 mths for upgrades on the old wooden bridges. Only some were done and still a couple of the old wooden bridges survive.

There was a 2km detour off the main road on the Nsw side onto a dirt track with about 5 causeway crossings covered with about 6in of water. The first of which was covered in blue metal the size of your fist and I damn well nearly dropped it going in to it but managed to keep it upright.

On a decent into one of the causeways it was all muddy and wet and the rear locked up and skewed sideways again managed to recover it.

I should've taken the Adventure bike I think.

Still a good ride and beautiful country.



WOW !! quite the ride. Seems it was a good day for the ride. Sure beats raining all day as it did here.. Glad you made it safely back..

Thanks so was I. The road surface is pretty rough. Some sections are good, its 74kms long and tight and windy and up and down

Tight and windy are what I like but not wet and muddy. Still sounds like fun..

Sounds like a bit of adventure on your ride!

Yes wet and muddy are definitely not for a cruiser bike. Did you have to change underwear when you got home? I sure don't like those little slips like that. Definitely puts a lump in the throat for a bit.

Fun it was. Adventure it was. No brown undies, a slight sphincter tightening yes..

I think you may be confused Dave....obviously the nomad is the adventure bike!

That would be great to see on a vid Spratty!

And retourning home from a ride like this, there is a nice cleaning job to do, that’s for sure!!!

Gert I ain't going back to get a vid OK...LOL, and bike all cleaned just over an hour ago. Only took 40 mins I have it down to a fine art these days

Dub all bikes are an adventure some just more suited than others..

Two positives Spratty ... you survived and you learned how the cruiser behaves in those conditions. Next time you’ll be better prepared mentally!

Tiger prepared... I've ridden the Vulcan on many dirt roads just not so undulating and slippery, not ideal on a 350kg bike.

Your right though each experience make the next a little better prepared

Very nice Spratty

Glad you managed to keep it upright Dave. Well done. We did one of those rides a while back same conditions, was very hard to hold the bike upright and dusty.

Glad you made it okay. Wet and muddy is not the place for a cruiser, as you found out.

check this out:
While the detour is dirt, Tony says “the surface has been graded and is suitable for road motorbikes and 2WD cars to traverse”.

“While the Low Road is gravel, it can accommodate most traffic,” he says.

“However it does have a number of causeways so it should be avoided during periods of wet weather.”

While the road is safe for all bikes, it is understandable that some riders would prefer not to get gravel rash on their bike or dust on their chrome and in their engine where it is difficult to clean.

And of course Spratty says now you post this. I should have posted this before he went on his ride.

Spratty has posted a comment on that post

Smiley-laughing yes i did

Way to go, Dave! Yes, you live in a spectacular part of the world, with some amazing scenery from great motorcycling roads! We still have about 90 days of full-on winter left here.... :( Keep the shiny side up, my friend!

I feel your pain Len, hang in there mate.

Make sure you pack the 'MUD & SNOW Chains' next time Hey ....

Nah I'll take the Tiger Explorer next

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