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a little sunday afternoon autumn ride...

a little sunday afternoon autumn ride...

a little fresh today, only 3 degrees... but using the heated grips, a bit extra clothes and it was realy nice to go for a little ride, just a ride in the neighborhood. The autumn colors are beautifull and as you all know, a ride is a ride! 


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Yes sir, a ride is a ride!! Nice to see you still getting them in. Great pic.

Yep, a ride is a ride !

Good to see you still keen for a ride. Even if it is just a short and cold one.
I bet you felt good when you got back home.

Fall rides are fine! Watch for wet leaves on the road.
This time of year I put stabilizer in the gas because of longer turnover time fueling the bikes. Were lucky to have 10% ethanol fuel. NOT! Still, its good to get out.

Never use ethanol in my bikes unless can’t find any on a road trip

Were sort of stuck. There is no non-ethanol gas available here. It messes up boats too.

We don’t have anything else anymore at most tankstations. Only the 10% ethanol fuel... and it’s shit, specially when you don’t use the bike for a couple of months in wintertime... I asked a few bikershops and they say, use the more expensive ‘98 fuel, for sure when you want to storage the bike for a period but even better if you use it all year round. That fuel is about €1,85 a litre at the moment instead of 1,69 for the ”normal” ‘95 fuel, but what else can you do... only the bigger gasstations have this more expensive fuel, in my village only Shell and BP oil.

Bureaucrats ruining our enjoyment of motorbikes and cars!

It makes no sense. I have been told it takes a gallon of oil to make a gallon of ethanol. The bureaucrats have been let out of the looney bin.

Na na na, govt has it just right my friends, see 85% of fuel costs are taxes. They don't want you to burn less fuel sillys, ethanol has a ratio of 1.5 to gasoline, yes it takes a lot of fuel in farm equipment to produce corn etc to make ethanol. (More fuel sold)They trick us to think our vehicles will run more efficiant and less polution with ethanol.
Just like the DEF fluid (uria) that all diesel engines have to burn, "it will burn cleaner for the inviroment" That statement is debatable.
Problem is, all these engines especially diesels burn twice as much fuel now......are you getting the real picture yet??? Let me help, your burning more fuel= more fuel sold= more tax revenue........let me tell you folks, oil generates $$$ and $$$= power, IT AINT ABOUT THE ENVIROMENT.

I prefer the cooler weather. In the simmer, I prefer to go at 5.30/6 am while it is cool.

That’s right Al ... if you go too late, you will simmer Smiley-wink

Oh!Oh! Todd knows the secret they don't want us to know.

Gert, when on the road I add either SeaFoam or StarTron to the fuel as an additive that helps with crap fuel., also run Chevron Techron concentrate complete fuel system cleaner. Use it in the car and the pickup.

Thanks Randy, I also use something like that (another brand) for the bikes. I had to do the same when I had the VW Beatle-‘71 because that car only wanted the old fashioned Super Fuel and that wasn’t available anymore...

I use ethanol-free, 98 RON ... available at almost every gas station Smiley-wink

Pete, I just use good old 91. No E10.

95 for bikes and car.

In reality, I use 91, 95 and 98, depending on which bike I’m using.

Yeah...but you have modern stuff Pete.....mines far from modern but not yet vintage. Lol. I used to use 98 in the C109R coz it was crap on anything else.....and it was recommended by Mr Suzuki.

Al ... I use 91 in the dear old ‘74 Norton but run the occasional tank of 98 through it. No one can give me a straight answer as to whether I have to run any lead replacement additive but I do it occasionally anyway

Get into your fishing tackle box and nick a few lead sinkers....drop them in the tank. Lol

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