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Local lady rider.

Local lady rider.

Spotted this in our main street. She’s keen riding in high heels. My boots sometimes slip on the road surface, not sure what grip she would have.


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Cool untill she comes off.

Raymond, you’d be there to give resuscitation.

Hmmm... Riding a sport bike your feet are either under you or slightly behind you. Sort of like a witch riding a broom. Hooking those spike heels over the pegs is going to take talent and luck.

Nice, but asking for trouble.

Yea Bill. Yours is the short version. And I'm the long version

With pleasure Al.

Maybe those are kevlar stockings...

Dam, that's kinda HOT!
A- sport bike
B-short skirt
C-black nylons
D-high heals
I see nothing wrong here guys

Mike, that was denim shorts.....not that I noticed....

She probably still wouldn't give you the time of day.

I would ride with her. Looking good. Just a little scarry on the gear..

Guys, guys, guys ... you forgot the most important issue here ... the scuffing by the gear lever of that fancy stiletto!!!

Good point. Wait until she finds her left toe scratched up. you want her address? Lol.
My girlfriend had me arrested for stalking.
Well technically she's not my girlfriend yet.....


I'd ride with her all day long, and wouldnt mind brining up the rear.....

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