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Long ago I was here for the last time...

Long ago I was here for the last time...

..... Do I have to say sorry about that? Hmmm... Maybe, but.... We are realy busy at the moment. The brother from Simone, age 50 had a hart attack and a stroke at the same time. Lost a part of his view and is already operated on one of his eyes.... Hope he wil get his view back.... He is doing well facing the surcomstances... Simone's parents are getting older and her father has Parcinson so we had to drive to hospital a lot because they don't drive during the evening anymore when it's dark. The other reason... Nothing mutch happening here anymore. I feel sorry about that, because I realy liked this site and the friends who participated here with "own made pic's and vids!". The stories, the help with all kind of (bike related) issues. Only a few are still there and more and more seem to stay away. So, that's the second reason... Very busy and not much energy by myself at the moment... 

Valerie, Thanks so much for your self made painting as I showed in the Christmas tree...
Randy, sorry for not answering your Skype call yesterday but we just went to bed as it was around midnight and I needed a sleep.... (I will call you back, give me a a few weeks please...).

To all of you who still visit THE SITE: I want to wish you all wonderfull Christmas and a very happy and healthy new year with many safe rides! 




Own Photo: 


Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and happier , healther 2019.
It's always good to be nice & caring for others, but always make time for yourself.

Tough time of the year to be in the hospital, but a little holiday cheer can make a big difference in a patient's day!

So, here's a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Vrolijk kerstfeest voor jou en Simone. I wish you peace of mind and better days.

Merry Christmas to you & Simone as well.
Here’s hoping all will be better in the new year.

Your most welcome Gert. So sorry your Holiday is so crazy this year. Hope you each have time to have some joy together

Happier days to come Gert. I wish you the best for this 2019 Have a very Happpy Christmas. Don't go away keep coming back..

Sorry to hear about Simones brother, and her father please send her my best wishes for them to have a speedy recovery. Try and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year may health and happiness be with you.

Merry Xmas mate!
Hope everything settles down for you guys and your families.

Kind regards to You & Simone, Gert, And All the Best of Health & Happiness to You & Your Families ...
Ride Safe ...

Gert ... best wishes to you and Simone

Merry Christmas to you and Simone my friend!! Hope everything turns out good for everyone.

Merry Christmas from Bets and I Hope every thing starts looking up. And a better 2019. For me. 2018 sucks!!!

All the best to you, and yours, Gert! I don’t get on here very often any more either. Hope you and Simone have a happy, and healthy new year!

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