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The long lonesome highway!

The long lonesome highway!

Central Queensland ... big blue sky ... flat to the horizon ... unseasonably green due to the late rains.

Somewhere between Barcaldine and Longreach. Now in Longreach for three days ... some pics will follow in due course from the Qantas museum and the Stockman's Hall of Fame.


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Now that's one straight road

How was the smell?

Surprisingly clean clear air Steve , despite the hundreds of dead kangaroos !

Any of those massive eagles yet?

Puhlenty!! Including some dead ones that didn't take off quickly enough

There you go again, another selfy........Road looks in good nick, hope that has been the condition all the way to Longreach.

Dub ... the roads in Queensland have been fantastic . Especially surprising given the heavy rain , thousands of grey nomads towing caravans and hundreds of massive road trains. Makes the highways of NSW look like potholed goat racks.

Funny you say grey nomads, today my sister, retired at 50 (bitch) and hubby just started their trek to Darwin and then west from there towing a small caravan for up to 3-4-5 months. They used to live in Darwin and I enjoyed visiting to go barra fishing with my bros-in-law, very convenient!

Those road trains are always a concern, there never sems to be enough road particularly with the air pressure they create and of course that swinging last trailer that seems to have a mind of its own.

Nice shooting Peter

Why is there some bloke taking your picture in a mirror??? You must be in Queensland.

Looks like lots of ... Nothing!

Road trains. They would scare the poop out of me.
Other than dead roos why would it smell bad?
and why hundreds of dead roos?

Valerie ... the roos are roadkill ... usually taken out by trucks and esp the road trains which will plough on regardless of what may be in front of them. I don't know what dead deer smell like but dead kangaroo being force fed through your nostrils at speed is a sensation to behold ... And contrary to what animal rights organisations might have you believe, kangaroos are in plague proportions in this part of the world ...

And taste good! (Not off the side of the road though....)

Well Steve. If they taste good why are there so many as to be a plague? If nothing else use them for dog food

There are $hitloads of them Val and really hard to catch because of the bouncy legs and all.
They are actually used for dogfood as well.

Catch.... I ment shoot. Hell between my friends and I we have enough fire power to take out a number of them

We were talking to a farmer a couple days ago ... he said he's shooting 50 a night on his property to keep them away from his crops.

Damn, 50 a night

How would they dispose of 350 roos a week?

50 a night!!! Holy cow. How fast do those things multiply

When there is plenty of food about, very quickly, a bit like rabbits!

The licensed shooters take out the bucks and carry away the carcasses. The farmer said he shoots the juveniles and leaves the carcasses for carrion eaters. His property is over 2,000 acres !

That's a lot of property

I thought they would take longer as the little ones stay in the pouch and such. It just seems like it would be longer and they only have one at a time don't they?

Let's just say that the Joeys are hoping around 9 months after hatching but Roos are climate conscious and know when the rains are a comin....scout motto 'be prepared'

What does a Roo egg look like Dub?

I knew that question would come up...apparently in all marsupials, platypus etc, a fertilised egg with really thin shell is deposited into the pouch before dissolving away, or something like that!

You got me there!

They look cute. They drink huge amounts of stock water. They destroy crops and do little else. As mentioned earlier, they taste great. They are regarded as some of the leanest meat in the world. Very very heart healthy.

Sound like ya'll should export roo meat.

How much do you want Val?

LOL The import tax would kill me LOL

I sent Scruffy some roo jerky, I don't think it appealed to him without bourbon. Maybe he can hook you up?

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