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Look what I found

Look what I found

You heard about the 10 things list about your bike.  Well this would be on it.  I am closer to 300lbs than I am to 200, so when riding over rail road crossings or pot holes I would have to lift my &$$ ass off the seat so as not to jar my spine.  I heard you can adjust the shock on a vstar 1100, so I started searching for the special tool to do it after finding access to it.  Low and behold, they provide one in your little tool kit.  It's the little things that yamaha does that makes me glad I bought one. I am going to spay some engine cleaner on it tomorrow before doing it.  Clean clean clean. Of course if it were a Harley, I would merely have to press a button to do it.Laughing



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Drew ... I wish it were as simple as pressing a button! That may be so on later models but on my '09 Fat Bob I have the exact same tool for ratcheting the firmness of the rear shocks up and down. The upside for me, however, is that the twin shocks are externally mounted so I don't have to dismantle half the bike to get to them. Good job.

These tools have been around a long time. I keep losing mine and have to buy another one. Then find the "original" a week later. I know have about 5 "originals."

Good thing your tool kit had that included! They seem to be hard to find, all by themselves, and many times tool kits, or parts of them, go missing.
I was very lucky when I bought the Valkyrie last summer; The previous owner didn't even know where the toolkit or manual were, so when I took the seat off and found both, completely intact and not even opened, it was like finding treasure.
Ride safely!

I ended up buying a whole new tool kit for Hildr the Valkyrie before I figured out where the darn thing was stored (under the seat under the battery cover). I also found the original Owner's Manual in that compartment where the original owner had kept meticulous maintenance records for the first few years of Hildr's young motorcycle life. In that kit is the original shock adjuster tool (which is the reason I was looking for the kit in the first place). So, now I have two "original" shock adjuster tools...

It took me a while to figure out that the special tool has an attachment for added leverage. A little WD-40 and it moved finally. Set it to 8 but then decided 7 cuz it was really stiff, no bounce.

Well done Drew. At least you made the little bastard work!!!!!!!

Preload adjustments make a world of difference. Good on ya for all the work you're doing yourself and learning

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