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Look what I found....

Look what I found....

Glancing through the Facebook Buy/Sell pages, I found this little one. 1974 Honda CL360. It followed me home today. Needs a tweak gere and there. Good paint, some surface rust.


Own Photo: 


Goodonya Al ... good pick up !

You have an addiction/addition. Smiley-laughing

It’s pretty tidy for it’s age.

Just like us .... !!!!

The bike looks like it was well looked after by the previous owner with plenty of TLC

I've worked on a few of those. The starter drive is a real hoot. lol.

Have you got any room in your garage now?

Whow! Now I’m sure you have to break some walls... I think your garage isn’t big enough anymore Al! Nice bike...

Nice find! looks nice and clean for its age. Should be a hoot to ride.

Plenty of room. Remember I've sold a couple in recent times.
Yeah, it is quite tidy for it's age. Paint is good. The chrome has various degrees of surface rust. Just needs fresh fuel, oil, a bit more air in the tyres and maybe a new battery (just charged it, will see how it holds charge). The bonus is I can put it on the road cheaply. It's also considerably lighter than the other bikes. I'll be giving it a bit of a go over to make sure the important nuts and bolts are tight. The guy I bought it from had it registered for daily use up until recently.

That's an awesome find!

Those bikes go for top dollar in these parts and most that I've seen are in not very good shape. The cool kids really like 'em and they prefer to let the rust build's a whole 'thing' here!

Charlie, I was lucky with this one. First in. He had a lot of contacts but I was the first one and tge first to view it.

Anyone remember "Universal Tread" tires?

Sure do!

You bet Edwins.

universally crap !!

Hildr said what I was going to... those little guys go for top dollar... it's wild to think what I could have in my stable if I just kept every bike I had since '79! I'd be rich!

Charlie. I found one the same on Bikesales. $6990Aud......way out of my range.

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